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Voyager Crypto was a cryptocurrency exchange that operated in the United States and was known for offering a wide range of trading pairs and a user-friendly platform. However, in 2022, the exchange announced that it had filed for bankruptcy due to financial difficulties and a lack of liquidity.

According to recent reports, Voyager Crypto’s bankruptcy proceedings are ongoing, and it remains to be seen how they will impact the company’s users and customers. Some users have reported delays or disruptions in service, and it is possible that these issues may continue during the bankruptcy process.

In the midst of the bankruptcy proceedings, it was announced that Voyager Crypto had been acquired by Binance.US, a US-based version of the popular cryptocurrency exchange Binance. The terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed, but it is believed that Binance.US will take over the assets and operations of Voyager Crypto.

It is not yet clear how the acquisition by Binance.US will impact the bankruptcy proceedings or the future of Voyager Crypto. Some experts have speculated that Binance.US may be able to help stabilize the exchange and turn it around, but it remains to be seen how the acquisition will play out in the long term.

Overall, the bankruptcy of Voyager Crypto and its acquisition by Binance.US have raised a number of questions and concerns among users and industry experts. It will be important to follow any updates and developments in the coming months as the situation evolves.

Key Facts:

  • Currently Bankrupt
  • Potentially being acquired by Binance.US



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