How to Get a Free Crypto Wallet with Robinhood

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Looking to get a Free crypto wallet with Robinhood? Look no further as we will tell you the exact steps to take to get a free wallet. 

What is the Robinhood Crypto Wallet?

Robinhood is a leading mobile investment platform that is extremely popular for it’s ease of use and ability to trade stocks and cryptocurrency for free without trading fees. In 2021 Robinhood announced a full “crypto wallet” which will allow it’s customers to store and transfer crypto owned on the Robinhood platform to their wallets, other exchanges, and more. This is a massive step for the company which has faced criticism in the past for only allowing the ability to buy and sell crypto but not allow it to leave the exchange.  

How is the Robinhood Crypto Wallet different from other wallets?

Not much is known about the Robinhood wallet as the team has been beta testing the tool since October 2021. Many in the industry look at this as a must have feature in order for Robinhood to continue to compete with other crypto exchanges. And given that Robinhood offers free trading and has a massive user amount, this wallet is a big deal for existing holders to be able to transfer off the exchange. 

When is the the wallet launching?

The wallet has already launched, rolling out in beta tests with small groups of users getting access to wallet. By joining the list you can get in line to receive your wallet earlier than general access.

How do I get on the wallet list?

You can use the Deposit Deals wallet link here to get started. Once signed up it will tell you your place in line and even give you a unique link to give out to your friends and move up in line. 

What Cryptocurrencies can I buy and store with the Robinhood Crypto Wallet?

Currently Robinhood offers 7 Cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Etherium, and Dogecoin as major cryptocurrencies along with Litecoin, Etherium Classic, Bitcoin Cash, and Bitcoin SV. 

There are rumors the exchange will soon add the infamous Shiba Inu coin as the demand for the coin on Robinhood has been immense. 

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How to Get a Free Crypto Wallet with Robinhood
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