Earn $75 in Free Money with Robinhood’s 2022 Direct Deposit Promotion

Robinhood is offering users up to $75 in free money. This guide will show you how to earn that free money to save or spend on stocks and crypto.

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What is Robinhoods Direct Deposit Promotion?Robinhood, a leading stock and crypto trading platform just launched it’s latest promotion for new and existing customers. Now through March 18th, 2022 Robinhood is offering a 5% match on users direct deposits up to $75. The program launched on February 8th 2020 to select users and has been rolling out in targeted promotions to users via email and within the app notifications.
Ultimately the program is designed to encourage users to have a continuous flow of money going into the platform with the hope they will keep the money within Robinhood by trading and investing. The good news is there are no upfront obligations to spend the money on stock or crypto, so you can use at your own discretion after claiming and holding for 30 days.


Who is Eligible?

As of February 20th, 2022 the promotion is not available to the general public and only being sent to select users. There is no indication of wider rollout, however, if the program is successful and results in an influx of money into Robinhood a general rollout could be very possible.

What are the Terms?

Current terms for the program are as follows:

  • Current customer in good standing that was notified by Robinhood of the offer.
  • Must maintain a positive account balance through March 18th, 2022
  • Must setup direct deposit by March 18th, 2022
  • Must hold money for 30 days after “claiming” promotion before withdraw

Once setup Robinhood will then match 5% of your deposit up to $75. Robinhood will then place the money into your account which you must “claim” within 30 days or else the money will “expire”. Once the money is within your account for 30 days you can then withdraw from Robinhood. If you want to trade you can start trading that free money instantly.

How do I setup Direct Deposit in Robinhood?

Robinhood makes setting up direct deposit super easy with an intuitive user interface.


To get started simply do the following:

  1. Login to your Robinhood account on Desktop or Mobile

  2.  Select the “Get started” button on the direct deposit promotion box on your home screen.
Select "Get started" to take advantage of the promotion.

   3. Once selected you’ll be prompted with a screen that describes the program and a “Set Up Direct Deposit” button     at the bottom. Select the Set Up Direct Deposit Button.

How to set up your direct deposit in Robinhood.
Select Continue after reading the disclosures.

   4. From here you’ll be taken to a screen dedicated to setting up your direct deposits. Note this process is handled       by an outside company called Atomic Financial. Although it may be concerning at first, Atomic specializes in               connecting applications to your payroll provider, and adds an additional layer of security for the connection.

    5. You’ll now be asked to select your payroll provider. The UI offers a list of common providers and allows you to        search among providers and popular employers as well. 

Get up to $75 free with Robinhoods deposit promotion.
Deposit connection screen with popular payroll providers.

     6. Once selected enter your login credentials and you’ll then be able to fully setup your direct deposit. 

Recap and Conclusion

Robinhood’s Direct Deposit program is a great offer and easy way to earn an extra money in the beginning of 2022. If you are already an active Robinhood user, it’s a no brainer to take advantage of this offer and make extra money to save or invest.  

If you’re not yet a Robinhood user, sign up for Robinhood today for your chance to win up to $200 in free stock and become eligible for the $75 direct deposit promotion. You’ll want to be quick, as a reminder this promotion ends on March 18th 2022, so sign up fast!

Earn $75 in Free Money with Robinhood’s 2022 Direct Deposit Promotion
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