PointsBet Crypto – Does PointsBet allow for online sports betting with Cryptocurrency?

In this article we’ll cover everything you need to know about PointsBet SportsBook and Crypto. 

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In This Guide We Cover

PointsBet Overview

PointsBet is a U.S based mobile sports betting company that is a subsidiary of PointsBet Holdings, an Australian based sports betting company. The company entered the U.S. Market in 2019 and has grown rapidly leading them to claim to be the fastest growing online US Sportsbook. 

Their easy to use website and mobile app along with multiple different promotions and betting types has shown they know how to be innovative in the mobile sportsbook industry. This innovative approach has led many users wondering how PointsBet has embraced cryptocurrency, and if it’s an option to deposit funds or bet with Crypto. 

Does PointsBet Offer Crypto Deposits?

Currently, No. PointsBet does not allow for funding your account using Cryptocurrency.


Today, PointsBet offers funding through five different channels. This consists of ACH/ECheck, Direct Deposit, Credit Card/Debit Card, PayNearMe, and PayPal.

One important note is that these funding options along with the creation of your account require confirmation of your account ownership. This helps solidify that you are of legal gambling age and meet the requirements in a given state (you are who you say you are).

In this case, unfortunately one of Crypto’s strength (anonymity) may also be it’s downfall. 


Although there is not a single direct way on the PointsBet site to deposit funds using crypto, that does not mean that it’s not impossible to deposit funds using forms of crypto.

PointsBet Deposit Options

How to Bet with PointsBet Using Crypto

There are currently a few different ways to fund your PointsBet account using Crypto. 


  1. Via PayPal
  2. Via a Crypto Credit or Debit Card


1. The PayPal Option

In 2022 PayPal announced the adoption of crypto trading directly in their platform. Currently with PayPal you can buy, sell, and hold 4 different types of crypto including Bitcoin, Etherium, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash. 


To fund your PointsBet account using PayPal crypto you’ll simply need to link your PayPal within the account settings area of BetRivers. Once connected you’ll have to covert any desired crypto amount into US Dollars, and then transfer over to your PointsBet account. 


2. Crypto Credit and Debit Cards

With the explosive popularity of Crypto over the past few years most major crypto exchanges have launched their own Credit or Debit card. Popular cards including the Gemini Credit Card and Coinbase Debit Card offer cashback rewards in crypto for your every day purchases. Once you have linked your crypto card to your PointsBet account, you can convert your rewards into US Dollars and use your newly converted money to fund your online betting purchases – all within the same card.


Will PointsBet offer Crypto Deposits in the Future?

PointsBet has not commented on the matter and there are no immediate indications of this being an offering. Often SportsBooks are beholden to local state laws and restrictions that may not be as forward thinking as many bettors would like.


However, with the rapid adoption of Cryptocurrency as a medium of financial transactions, we could see this being adopted overtime. As consumers continue to use crypto more frequently for everyday purchases and other industries adopt crypto funding capabilities, the rules and regulations may change.

Recap and Conclusion

PointsBet has proven to be an innovator in the mobile sportsbetting market. With many different betting types, promotions, and an easy to use app, they’ve constantly shown they can be a forward thinking company in the market.

Although PointsBet does not offer crypto deposits today. There are still many ways to fund your account using crypto funds and a possibility of more crypto options in the future. 

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PointsBet Crypto – Does PointsBet allow for online sports betting with Cryptocurrency?
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