How to Buy Bitcoin with Discover Card in 2022

How to buy bitcoin with discover card.

In this article we’ll show you how to buy Bitcoin with Discover Cashback Credit Cards.

Bitcoin has been exploding in popularity over the years seeing a massive growth rate since it’s inception and beating the stock market in most years. In fact, according to CNBC Bitcoin was up 70% in 2011 helping to grow the 2 Trillion dollar crypto market. With those types of returns investors have flocked to buying the coin anyway they can. 

The technique written below will tell you exactly how you can use your Discover Card to get Bitcoin without having to take on great risk. 

Credit Card Issues with Bitcoin

In the U.S, many Credit Card companies have restricted the purchase of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. There are many reasons for this blockage from legal restrictions, to fees, and to the classification of Crypto as a purchase type. Additionally, many exchanges do not allow purchasing with credit cards or are subject to high fees.

Although this has changed over the years, customers who want to purchase Crypto with their credit card are still running into issues and frustrations. 

Luckily, there is a way to still purchase Bitcoin with Discover Credit Cards. This technique is a proven low risk strategy that can help net massive returns and one we have used to grow our own bitcoin accounts. 

How to Buy Bitcoin with Discover Cards (Discover is Unique)

The secret to buying Bitcoin with a Discover Card is all about cashback rewards. To purchase Bitcoin with Discover Cards you’ll first want to choose one of Discover’s many cashback cards.

Discover, unlike many other credit cards allows you to redeem cashback to your external bank account. This means that when it is time to redeem, instead of being stuck in a closed rewards ecosystem with Discover, you can transfer that cashback out to your bank account and use the cash as you see fit.

Once in your bank account, this redemption loophole gives you the ability to then purchase Bitcoin and other crypto with directly from your bank account using your cash rewards that you transferred over. 

Here is how Discover discusses Cashback redemption on their own site

The Dollar Cost Average Strategy

To take your growth to the next level, you can continuously purchase Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies on a monthly basis using dollar cost averaging.

This means that if you are consistently using your rewards card and using the cash rewards to purchase crypto, the price of your Bitcoin purchase will average out over time ensuring you are buying at a reasonable rate rather than strictly at the high or low historical price range.

We’ve used this technique to consistently purchase extra bitcoin allowing us to gain a few extra hundred dollars a month in additional coins without having to worry about price fluctuations.


To recap, the process for buying crypto with a credit card is fairly straightforward:

1. Find an exchange you’d like to buy Bitcoin on. Your first step is signing up for a crypto exchange that fits your needs.There are lots of variables but the biggest are variety of currencies offered, fee’s, availability in your country, and ease of use. We recommend Coinbase, Gemini, and Voyager for beginners, but there are many credible exchanges in the U.S.

2. Select your favorite Discover cashback credit card. After you are setup with an exchange get a discover cashback card that fits your needs. There are a wide variety of cards to choose from just make sure that it offers cashback rewards.

3. Redeem your cashback from your card to your bank account. After making qualified purchases redeem your Cashback rewards and transfer the money to your back account that is connected to your exchange.

4. Use your cashback from your bank account to purchase Bitcoin. Select which cryptocurrency you wish to purchase, in what currency and the amount you want to buy. Once you’ve confirmed all the details, go ahead and purchase.

5. Continue recurring purchases to properly dollar cost average. Although the reward money may seem small at first, buy making consistent purchases over time your account size will quickly grow. By making repeat purchases you’ll not only bring your average cost of purchase down, you’ll also seamlessly start to build a crypto portfolio that has the ability to grow over time on it’s own


There are a lot of credit cards that offer Cashback rewards, however, not all allow transferring cash off of their ecosystem.

Discover gives you the unique ability to take additional rewards and transfer them out to your bank account to quickly purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in a low risk environment.

The strategy is very simple and easy way to purchase extra bitcoin or start to build your crypto portfolio.

How to Buy Bitcoin with Discover Card in 2022
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