The Best Crypto Exchanges in 2022 According to Reddit

Crypto Exchanges on Reddit

In this post we cover the most popular crypto exchanges in 2022 according to popular crypto related subreddits. 

Finding the right Crypto Exchange can be hard, extremely hard. With Crypto’s explosive growth over the years Crypto exchanges and advertising is seemingly everywhere. Super Bowl commercials with celebrities to the sides of Sports Arenas, it can be hard not see an ad for Crypto exchanges. 

With this growth and desire for new users, it can be hard to find the right and most trustworthy crypto exchange by just viewing ads and reviews alone. Fortunately the millions of users on Reddit have already made their voices heard in popular crypto related subreddits. 

To help you choose the best Crypto Exchange we looked at the following criteria:

  • Most Popular Crypto Exchanges by Subreddit User Count
  • Most Popular Crypto Exchanges by Mentions in R/Cryptocurrency

Methodology and Notes

  • For Crypto specific subreddits we looked at the total subscriber count and engagement (posts and comments a day)

  • You’ll see very quickly that crypto subreddits vary wildly in popularity. Some exchanges and users have taken to Reddit to cultivate a large subreddit with active users and community involvement. While other subreddit’s meek with little engagement and popularity by both Reddit users and exchange associated community managers.

  • Some exchanges often have multiple subreddits. In these instances we took the most popular by subscriber count and ignored any smaller subreddits.

  • Some exchange subreddits are driven by not only their exchange, but by their own tokens as well.’s popular CRO token is a good example, in these instances we will highlight the popularity of both the exchange and the token as they are interlinked to users.

  • In addition to Subreddit’s we also looked at R/Cryptocurrency, the most popular Crypto related Subreddit. In here we broke out activity by mentions of exchange but did not decipher true sentiment, merely overall volumes of discussion and light sentiment based on top posts.

#1 Binance

The most popular crypto exchange by user count is Binance with over 803,000 subscribers as of February 2022. Founded in 2017, Binance is the most popular crypto exchange in the world by daily trading volume so it’s not surprising it would be the most popular among Reddit users.

Although Binance is global, they do have a U.S. specific version of the exchange and the majority of the content on the subreddit is focused around U.S. centric discussions.

r/binance Stats:

  • 803K Subscribers
  • 241 Comments Per Day
  • 61 Posts Per Day
  • Top comments include questions related to withdrawing from the platform and the popular cryptocurrency Safemoon.

#2 Coinbase

Coinbase is a popular US based exchange that has risen to be one of the most trusted and widely adopted platforms for Crypto beginners. Although Coinbase is an exchange they also offer their own products including a stablecoin, debit card, professional trader platform, and wallet.

Given the popularity of the platform along with their wide amount of products Coinbase has an active community that receives twice the amount of comments per day compared to Binance even though it only has 1/4 of the subscribers.

r/coinbase Stats:

  • 200K Subscribers
  • 455 Comments Per Day
  • 31 Posts Per Day
  • Popular topics include the Coinbase Earn program and questions relating to depositing and withdrawing from the exchange

#3 made famous by it’s recent purchase of naming right’s to the former Staples Center ranks third in crypto exchange subreddit popularity closely behind Coinbase.

Similar to other exchanges, has their own token CRO which is a frequent topic of discussion on the subreddit. In addition to an active community one thing that is extremely apparent is the active engagement of the team themselves. Within the Subreddit you’ll see posts and announcements from the company and helpful community managers engaging in the comment section.

r/crypto_com Stats:

  • 157K Subscribers
  • 1471 Comments Per Day
  • 116 Posts Per Day
  • Popular topics include the token CRO, discussions around the Crypto Cashback Card, and threads related to staking and stablecoins

#4 Kraken

Founded in 2011, Kraken is one of the oldest Crypto exchanges in the U.S. In addition to it’s core exchange capabilities Kraken offers many advanced trading options including Institutional Trading, Futures Trading, and Trading on Margin.

It’s important to note that even though Kraken’s subscriber count may be lower than similar exchanges, they also have a popular support specific subreddit r/KrakenSupport which takes a large volume of support related inquiries.

r/kraken Stats:

  • 25.8K Subscribers
  • 3 Comments Per Day
  • 1 Posts Per Day
  • Popular topics include onboarding onto the exchange and questions related to staking

#5 BlockFi

BlockFi is a U.S. based crypto exchange headquartered in New Jersey. In addition to it’s exchange capabilities BlockFi also offers many products including a Crypto Rewards Card and loan capabilities against your crypto.

r/blockfi Stats:

  • 21.4K Subscribers
  • 11 Comments Per Day
  • 81 Posts Per Day
  • Popular topics include discussions around staking and stablecoin yields.

#6 Gemini

Gemini is a New York based exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins of Facebook fame. The platform offers many features including the popular Gemini Earn program which gives users additional yield on top of their crypto holdings.

Although the service has gained in popularity over the years it still lags behind its competitors in terms of subscriber growth and engagement with minimal posts and a relatively inactive community on Reddit.

r/gemini Stats:

  • 18.2K Subscribers
  • 32 Comments Per Day
  • 3 Posts Per Day
  • Popular topics include the Gemini Stablecoin and questions relating to depositing and withdrawing from the exchange

#7 Voyager

Voyager is a publicly traded U.S. based Cryptocurrency exchange. The app has grown in recent popularity over the years fueled by a partnership with the Dallas Mavericks and promotional rates of up to 12% in rewards on crypto assets.

Although the community is relatively low in subscriber count compared to many of it’s peers, it’s important to note that there are several different Voyager related subreddits so many of the counts may be fragmented.

r/invest_voyager Stats:

  • 10.6K Subscribers
  • 12 Comments Per Day
  • 4 Posts Per Day
  • Popular topics include discussions around issues with the mobile app and platform along with available coins on the exchange.

#8 FTX

FTX is a global crypto exchange which operates different variations of the platform depending on country. In the U.S. FTX operates a separate exchange called FTX.US and also owns Blockfolio which they renamed to FTX.

Similar to Voyager FTX has many “official” subreddits all with relatively low engagement and subscriber counts making it difficult to pinpoint a main subreddit.

r/ftxofficial Stats:

  • 1.2K Subscribers
  • 2 Comments Per Day
  • 3 Posts Per Day
  • Popular topics include discussions around login and withdrawal issues

As seen in the above rankings it’s apparent that subscriber count alone isn’t the only indicator of Crypto exchange popularity. In addition to analyzing dedicated subreddits we also looked at mentions in r/cryptocurrency, the most popular crypto related subreddit with over 4.5 Million subscribers.

Below are most popular Crypto exchanges ranked by mentions in r/cryptocurrency:

  1. Kraken163,000 Lifetime Mentions
  2. Coinbase159,000 Lifetime Mentions
  3. Crypto.com109,000 Lifetime Mentions
    (additional 77,000 mentions related to CRO)
  4. Binance48,800 Lifetime Mentions
  5. FTX9,710 Lifetime Mentions
  6. Gemini9,660 Lifetime Mentions
  7. BlockFi4,560 Lifetime Mentions
  8. Voyager3,100 Lifetime Mentions

As we can see Kraken jumped ahead of it’s competitors in terms of mentions within the crypto community while only ranking 4th in total popularity of it’s dedicated subreddit. Even more impressive are Coinbase and who come in 2nd and 3rd respectively in both subscriber count and subreddit mentions showcasing their popularity in the Crypto space.


Crypto Exchanges are exploding in popularity and it can be difficult choosing the right exchange. By looking beyond advertising and focusing on engagement metrics on the Reddit Crypto Community we can get a much better view into what exchanges are being trusted and used the most.

Looking for more info on crypto exchanges? Check out our deal breakdowns of Gemini, Voyager, and Coinbase.

Note: Sources used in this analysis were and

The Best Crypto Exchanges in 2022 According to Reddit
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